Multi-Tenant IP PBX Solution

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Multi-Tenant IP PBX Solution

Notapor hitendudhatra » Mié Jun 21, 2017 5:49 am

FreeSWITCH based Multi-Tenant IP PBX enables providers to deliver reliable, feature-rich and mobile-capable IP PBX services to business clients and resellers from a single all-in-one solution, which is easily managed from a central web interface. The solution is multi-tenant, which means it can provide services to multiple places. These premises can be those of a single client or it can be for multiple clients.

Key Features For Multi-Tenant IP PBX:
- Call Forwarding
- Multiple Levels of User Access
- ACD (Average Call Duration)
- Prefix-Based Routing
- And Many More

To know more about Multi-Tenant IP PBX:
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