Cheater --- Trident Global Services!!!

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Cheater --- Trident Global Services!!!

Notapor shella » Mié Sep 23, 2015 9:06 am

Dear all, pls be aware of cheater ---Trident Global Services , they did not pay us over 5 month .They billing & sales refused to explain any word.
Every month we sent note to them about payment .At the beginning ,they replied us that will done the payment next week max. But ,this “week” never came in next 5 months!
Then we are trying to use their route running back ,the rate they offer is very high ,the point is : the route never worked ! Their noc said next week will work ,but this “week” never came as well!
We had warmed them for fraud info will be posted if they still act like an scam. They feel good with “as your wish” attitude !
Beside,they still post info for promoting and buying route !
This un-responsible attitude and un-professional behavior should be warmed
This sucks partner should be kicked out in relations.
This scam company should be kicked out of this industry.
Everyone be careful for them !
Details as below :
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